What is H-FABP?

H-FABP (Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein) is a biomarker of myocardial ischemia, detectable as early as 30 minutes from chest pain onset and can facilitate the earlier management of patients with suspected ACS, alongside Troponin.

The Randox H-FABP test is a laboratory-based clinical chemistry assay, which can be easily used on a wide range of commercial biochemistry analysers.

Diagnostic Value in ACS

H-FABP has consistently and robustly demonstrated to be a highly sensitive biomarker for the earlier diagnosis ACS, alongside Troponin.

Prognostic Value in ACS

In addition to extensive diagnostic value, H-FABP has significant long-term prognostic value in ACS, particularly in patients who are Troponin negative.

How to test H-FABP

Randox H-FABP is an clinical chemistry assay and can be easily ran on existing instrumentation in the central hospital laboratory.

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