How to test H-FABP

The Randox H-FABP clinical chemistry assay is a latex enhanced immunoturbidemtric assay suitable for fully quantitative measurement of H-FABP in serum and plasma.

The assay can be used on a wide range of manufacturer’s clinical chemistry analysers and does not need any dedicated equipment or software.

Assay Specification

Method Latex-enhanced Immunoturbidmetric assay via a clinical chemistry instrument
Sample Serum, EDTA & Heparin Plasma
Sample Stability If not analysed immediately, samples should be stored at -20°C or below
Assay Measuring Range 0.747 – 120 ng/ml
Calibrators 6 x 1ml vials lyophilised
QC Level 1 (3 x 1ml) & Level 2 (3 x 1ml) lyophilised

Applications Available

Instrument specific applications are available for wide range of clinical chemistry analysers from manufacturers such as Roche, Abbott, Siemens, Beckman Coulter, Olympus & J&J.

Product Details

Catalague Number Product Description Kit Contents
FB4025 H-FABP Reagent R1: Buffer (1 x 19ml) R2: Antibody-latex Reagent (1 x 7ml)
FB4026 H-FABP QC Level 1 3 x 1ml
FB4027 H-FABP QC Level 2 3 x 1ml
FB3134 H-FABP Calibrators 6 x 1ml

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